Course Information

This course is a specially designed online learning programme for people interested in using a community-based approach to address, reduce, end or prevent conflict or cultural intolerance. It addresses both the objective elements and the psychological aspects of enterprise training. The project’s ultimate aim is to make a positive impact on a personal level (change people’s lives) but also at a societal level in terms of stimulating greater community cohesion and wider economic development. ENTER’s mission is to promote enterprise and entrepreneurial activities as a means of encouraging greater social inclusion and also as a means to combat conflict/cultural problems in communities.

The course itself is free and you can access it at a time that suits you, evenings, weekends or a little each day. Learning online offers you more time to fully absorb the information. How much time do you need to commit to the course? Like everything in life, you will benefit by setting yourself a goal. It is delivered in a five-module format and is designed in such a way to let you explore each module in detail and to give you a greater understanding of the course in general.

The course is modular and you can dip into and out of the modules as you choose, however we recommend that you follow the modules in the suggested 1 to 5 order. Each module comprises a main presentation on the topic (on the left in the table below) and then a set of extra resources such as exercises, videos and quizzes (on the right).

“Excellent array of content available on this course! Its short, easy to access and to the point which are all incredibly attractive traits.”

“Such a fantastic course, it provided me with such powerful ideas in relation to enterprise in interface and how to transfer the knowledge of certain disadvantaged communities into communities that are most effected in my area.”

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