Enterprise in Interface will be delivered by 6 organizations from UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Croatia with a strong cross-sector focus. The project was developed by East Belfast Enterprise in response to the increasing number of requests to use their workspace for community initiatives. All contributing partners were chosen to join the project based on their unique experience and expertise in their chosen areas of business.

East Belfast Enterprise will lead the project and will develop the ENTER Toolkit. Located in a notorious sectarian interface area, EBE currently offers enterprise incubation workspace, training programmes and mentoring services and is part of the official Enterprise NI network of 32 enterprise development centres.

Rijeka Development Agency Porin is a regional development agency in Croatia’s third largest city. Much of their success in improving business climate, culture and opportunities has been achieved through innovative approaches to enterprise and by their commitment to cross-sector institutional cooperation with local public authorities, national ministries, academia and entrepreneur development centres. For this reason, they will coordinate the Regional Action Plans.

Momentum Consulting is an Irish research and training organisation. An accredited training centre, their speciality is developing progressive learning programmes for enterprise and education organisations and so they will be responsible for the development of the ENTER Course Curriculum and Content and as a very experienced EU project leader, will undertake Quality and Evaluation.

Canice Consulting Ltd (CC) is a NI consultancy with a long track record in economic development consultancy and a specialization in online and blended learning. They will use their pedagogic and technical expertise to transfer the course content into a multimedia online training resource.

Creative Spark, is a dedicated creative training and workspace facility in Dundalk, County Louth, established in 2012 to promote creative and cultural industries, including new and emerging businesses and freelance practitioners. Creative Spark identifies and applies best practice in supporting all creative endeavour whether for community goals, career advancement for creative practitioners or skills acquisition within the creative sector.

Business Development Friesland (BDF) from the Netherlands is keen to play an active role to solve interface issues like described in ENTER. BDF has set up the incubator in the city of Leeuwarden (Inqubator Leeuwarden). Here we directly experience the troubles, success and failure of small enterprises on a daily basis. We are in close touch with (potential) start-ups and micro entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and we mentor them with 1 on 1 coaching. Furthermore, we’re in a government program for people who come from a disadvantaged situation (migrants, social welfare, bankruptcy, etc.) to start their company in our incubator.