Intellectual Output 1 – Enterprise in Interface Toolkit

A guide to Establishing a Regional Partnership

This Toolkit is designed to support effective stakeholder engagement in the context of the Enterprise in Interface (ENTER) project, which is a project to encourage greater access to entrepreneurship education among people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to promote integration and understanding. The overall aim is to have a positive and long-lasting effect on tackling social and economic disadvantage through an entrepreneurial support system in each region. The Regional Partnerships seek to develop new cross-sectoral partnerships for sharing knowledge and best practice, accessible to all those working at the interface between diverse cultures and involving the key stakeholders in academia, business, government institutions and the community and voluntary sector.

To facilitate the process of establishing these partnerships, this Toolkit resource has been created to provide a step by step guide and includes some useful tools to facilitate the establishment of a Regional Partnership. The Toolkit also describes the purpose of the Regional Partnership and how it can be used to create specific actions to deliver enterprise initiatives at the interface between those from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Download the Toolkit

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